Tiny, yet powerful, PHP framework

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Why Micrus?

How big does a framework need to be to provide you with a quick, easy and comfortable way of creating neatly structured MVC websites? That can easily be extended and configured?

Well, not big at all. Just try Micrus! Its goal is to keep it as simple as possible, while offering all the most important features, as listed here

  • Object oriented
  • Very clear MVC structure
  • Dependency Injection Container
  • Event dispatching
  • ORM agnostic, support for
    Doctrine and RedBean
  • REST-ful routing
  • CRUD generator
  • Template agnostic, support for
    Twig and plain PHP
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Easy configuration with YAML

Projects based on Micrus

  • Dibsy • Call dibs on QA servers!
  • Generator of serial numbers and passwords
  • Avris Flags • Flags on websites made easy!
  • Avi • Simple placeholder avatars
  • Volatile • The easiest way to send pics
  • Cropper • Don't overpay for passport photos! (PL)
  • Can I go home now?
  • QC • Quite Concise Programming Language
  • Futurus • website about The Futuristic Manifest (PL)
  • Clavis • Shared password storage

  • Demo Project
  • Starter Project

Extensions for Micrus

  • Forms
  • Localizator
  • Twig Module
  • Doctrine Module
  • Mailer
  • MicrusJS • JavaScript plugin that handles routing and localization
  • CRUD Generator
  • Imagine Module • image manager
  • Assetic Module • asset manager
  • Notify • Automatic email notifications on app exceptions
  • Social Module • user registration, login, account management, social media login
  • Annotations
  • Google Analytics Module
  • ReCaptcha Widget

Start your own project

Just install Composer and run this command in the console:

$ composer create-project avris/micrus-starter project_name